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Problems with Friends/Should I stay friends with her?


I have a friend who I just made this year. I would always talk to her and my other friend. But last month, she's started being kind of rude. For example, her and my other friend would always team up and mak fun of me. Another thing she would do is whenever my other friend asked her to draw on her book ( she was a really good artist ) she would. Then she would ask me if I wanted her to draw on something and I said sure. But the moment I gave her my book she would take out a sharpie and start scribbling all over it! I thought maybe it was just a joke. So I dealed with it. But this was today's conversation:
Me: You want to draw on this book? I'm sorry, but I don't trust you because you act like you hate me
Her:  I do hate you
Me: you make it so obvious you like Kaylie ( my other friend who I've known for 3 years) better than me
Her: I know. I try to because its true.
What should I do???

Hi Hayley.

I would try to calmly talk to this girl and ask her what's wrong. It's not fair of her to just "hate" you suddenly out of nowhere. If she has a stronger friendship with Kaylie, then that's absolutely fine. But that is no reason whatsoever for her to disrespect you like that. So try talking to her and she if she'll mention what's up. If she does talk, be willing to listen to her. If not, she isn't a true friend of yours, and you should try your best to move forward. And if anything ever gets serious with her bullying you or disrespecting you, make sure to talk to a guidance councilor, teacher, or other trusted adult as soon as possible.

Good luck!

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