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My Bestfriend and i have been best friends for about 5 years now, and we tell each other everything, but lately she says that we have been drifting apart and i don't feel like we have. she seems to blame it on a new friend that i have made who apparently i have been spending 'all my time with' when i haven't really. I feel like its ok for her to have other friends but when it comes to me making new friends she doesn't like that...

what do i do i don't feel bad about making a new friend but she is beginning to annoy me with her jealously

Thanks :)


For people that are social like you, it can be really hard to balance having a lot of friends, making sure to spend enough time with each of them and sharing your love. To her, it seems like you've been hanging out with your new friend more because, well, she's new. When a new friendship begins, of course you guys will want to spend a lot of time with each other, and it's great that you do. But to your other friend, it comes off that you aren't interested in being friends with her anymore. It's an honest mistake that a lot of people make.

My best advice is to make sure that you give yourself and your friends a fair amount of time. By this, I mean to make sure that you are giving both friends respect and love, but you also need to give time for yourself as well. Sometimes it's easier to say "no" to both people and just take a day for yourself. Play sports, make art, write, sing, or do whatever makes you happiest, and it'll help you get your mind off other things. And when you feel good about yourself, that confidence spreads to other people. Just do your best to give them each a fair amount of your time, because they both deserve a good friend like you!

Good luck!

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Thank you for your response it was very helpful.

However now i am finding that she has a new friend lets call her Brianna, which i think is great! she sometimes invites me to hang out with them and i do sometimes go but i don't really have anything in common with Brianna, and whenever i say nah its ok you two just hang out she gets really annoyed at me and when ever she finds out that i went out with my new friend she doesn't talk to me for a certain amount of time and talks about it with Brianna.

She is really starting to annoy me i continuously tell her that she is my best friend and that there i no problem i just enjoy hanging out with her, but she continues to be annoying and jealous about everything, what do i do?

Thanks :)

Hi again Amy,

What's important is that she needs to respect your space. Right now, she's trying to make the best of both worlds by introducing her friends to each other, hoping they'll get along and make the three of you and awesome group. And that's great! A lot of times, good friend trios form that way. However, there are times when two people just don't see eye to eye, even if they do have a connection to one other person. If you can, talk to her and ask her respectfully to listen to you if you say you don't want to hang out one night. If the issue comes up about "Brianna," just be honest and say that you don't really feel you can connect with her as well. It doesn't mean that this girl can't still be your best friend. You just both need to realize and respect that there are, indeed, more people in your lives than just each other.

Good luck!

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