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Problems with Friends/girl / friend troubles


manorama wrote at 2013-03-12 07:02:38
Hi pavan, i'm ur aunty please keep in touch muddu. let us be freinds...i'm trying hard to find u out i tried emails....which bounced back...lefe is quite beautiful, when we change it to our taste ;as our needs and comforts. u may be surprised, (or bored to hear the same thing..???)but let me tell u, not a  big deal, actually, life is in very small things like the sandpit play u  used to have during ur childhood...but d timesence,is also important in life... as the ants started bitting u, there was someone who immidietly helped u to come out of the situation....please, please contact me at or u may call 9480584001.My dear soul, i respect ur self esteem, at d same time, i want u to know that there's someone who loves from d dept of her heart and miss u very often...u know that i'm honest, when i say that .Hope u'll not disappoint me, Om namo Vaadiraajaaya!Remmy here

Problems with Friends

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