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Problems with Parents/Stressed,mom going to die??


This time my mom has said she has an irregular heartbeat and needs to take medicine for so scared of losin her at a young age and im trying y best to deal with studies and the family. My dad and mom want to send y brother away and either way i dont really care because i already prepared myself if he is gone or eldest brother is taking care of him but he finds excuses like hea going out and expects me to take care of my sick brother..i didnt volunteer for him to keep my second eldest brother and i dont even like to deal with the sick brother..he cusses me out and says pathetic things that i get angry feels like he is the king and im just a mere servant when he is actualy at my mom has this attachment to my sick brother which is 18 and he is suppose to leave the her heart tells her that he should be gone right now but the mind tells her that she needs to take care of him.i have had my deal with watching these fights and sometimes i feel like i need to eacape reality (which is the computer) i talk to people on the computer just to keep my mind off of the stress but my mom and dad have recently foundout ive been talking to them and they blow up on me..sayin that they are stangers and shouldnt be trusted..i dont even know what ive done to deserve this..

Hi Felicia;
Honey, you sure have your hands full. I am so sorry to hear about all of the problems that your family is going through.
Right now, you are all living through your 'own kind of hell', each in your own way. What none of you realize is that it would be easy to go through all of this together instead of separately. The good thing is that you care enough to reach out for help and that is a good thing. I do understand your mom being worried about telling other people problems in the family and in a way, she is right. But, if you use the places that you know that you are safe, I am sure it would benefit you.

Right now, you are all tired, worried and frustrated and it is wearing on all of your nerves. Your mom is getting medical problems because of the stress and it may pay for you to go to her doctor and make him/her aware of these, for the benefit of moms health. You can call the office and go see the doctor, call to talk to the doctor although they will have to call you back and this only works well if you have a cell phone where you can talk privately. But that doctor should be made aware of what is going on.
Second, no it isn't fair that you have to take care of your brother, but the ones that do take care of him need a break or they are going to get medical problems, blow up from frustration and get terribly depressed unless they get a break once in a while. They probably feel the same way that you do.....Your brother is probably doing this for your mom thinking that it will make things easier on her and has found out that it isn't as easy as it looks.
Your moms doctor has the power to get extra help for your brother or move him to a facility to get care to make it easier on everyone. I would try this option.
I would also tell a school counselor about what is going on, you may need someone to talk to that will give you some good advice and this will help you. Talk to the counselor and let them know and that you don't want your mom any more upset than she already is. They understand, it is their job and they may be able to help.
If you belong to a church, go and talk to the minister. You would be surprised at the help that they can be and would never tell that they heard anything from you.
Please try a few of these things. I am sure that you will find that it will make your life a lot easier.
Good luck,
Jan hayner

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