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I don't know if you can answer this or not but it's urgent . I am 14 my dad is verbally abusive to me and my little sister, but mostly me being the oldest,
When I was younger my mom used to tell me that at the age of 13 children can choose what parent they want to live with, well my mom doesn't have her life together right now . My boyfriend's mom said she would take me in, is there a way I could make this happen, Is there a way I can make her my legal guardian without my parents consent ? I can't live here any longer, me and my dad have good times, but when it's bad, it is really bad .

Mostly what I want to know is if I can make my boyfriend's mom my legal guardian without my parents consent, . I found a form but it says something about the parents .

Hi Miranda;
I can't answer this question because I am not sur ehow the laws are in Michigan. Each state has the right to make their own laws besides having to follow the Federal laws. But I can tell you how to get the right information.
There is a website called and you can ask questions from real lawyers. It takes them about 24 hours to answer, but you get the real information that you need.
You can also call your District Attornys office and ask them and they would be able to answer your question. You can always say that you are looking into something that you had learned about in school and wanted to know more about it. They can be very helpful.
I hope this helps and I am sorry I couldn't help you more. I hope this starts you out.
Oh, I thought of another one: you can call the 'Clerk of Courts office' this is the office that has the papers that would need to be filed with the court and they could tell you If you can do it and how you would have to do it.
Good luck,
Jan Hayner

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