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Okay, so, I have made a lot of mistakes that i regret in my life. I'm 13, and my mom is being a bit overprotective. I know she loves me, and I love her too, but it needs to be toned down. Recently, when things hit the fan, my best and most trusted friend Brianna accidentally gave me a hickey. I didn't notice it until my mom pointed it out. When she found out, she was trying to be calm about the situation, but her trust in me dropped horrendously. Now shes so hasty when I ask to go over Brianna's house, or my other friends' houses. I'm so confused and frustrated on how to make her believe It was a mistake, and I'm never doing that again until I'm old enough.

Hi Jessica;
It sounds as though you and your mom have a total misunderstanding. Did you try explaining the whole situation to your mom. You know what led up to it, how did it happen, did you guys thin it was funny etc.
Maybe if she knew that you and your friend thought that it was funny and were just goofing off, she won't be as concerned.
Just tell her that you really didn't think that it was a big deal or you would have told her and you are really sorry that she got so upset.
Sometimes 'explaining things makes parents feel better. They know their daughter isn't going behind their back to do things--get it?
I hope this helps you---Good Luck.
Jan Hayner

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