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I don't like to go to school..I hate going to school..I'm not very good in studies...I rarely go to school..I take so much of leaves like 7 times a month..I used to get very good grades earlier..Now I am in 7th grade..I have no best friend..But I am very talented I am good in acting and dancing I want to become an actress when I grow up..I just want to pass my studies right now.

You should take a dance class or an acting class, drama was a fun class for me.
That could be your motivation.
You also kind of sound depressed.
If so, you need to ask someone who knows you for help with our depression...possibly someone in your family,or just someone you trust.
I also understand the no best friend thing, I had a best friend from 1st through 6th grade, but we both became depressed in 7th and she went to a new school and we grew apart. I didn't go and get a new bff, but I also had other friends. Though it may suck to not have a best friend, just having friends at all is a huge thing.
As for passing your studies, maybe see if your school has a tutor-lab, if not, ask the teacher after class for help.

Hope this helps :)

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I can answer any questions related to any sort of problems with teachers, namely: grade issues, conflict-resolution, and anything related to those.


I have been in the public school system for 11 years (and I am on starting 12th). I have worked with an array of teacher personalities, and they have worked with me to make school be a healthy productive environment. Since 8th grade, the experience that I have accrued from solving problems with teachers is at the level that I don't need parent involvement. I have changed grades, from simple discussions, and I have fixed arguments from conversations.

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