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We had a science test today and hadn't been taught what was on the test. I made logical guesses but know I got a bad Mark. I start my gcse in January and think my teacher is quite bad and this is something that counts. Do you think this is the case or should I see if my teacher improves. Help me if you can! Thanks.

I'd need more information.
What percentage of the test had you not been taught?
Was any of it in the book?
How much?
Were you told to read the book?
How much time does the teacher give to prepare for the test?
How hard were the questions?
What kind of science class?
What grade level are you in?

Provided that ia all reasonably answered, the teacher should be spoken to by either you or a parent, and could be fired if you can prove that. Or at the very least, if you can make a claim, you can ask for a curve on the test, but I'd need good information to formulate an argument.

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I can answer any questions related to any sort of problems with teachers, namely: grade issues, conflict-resolution, and anything related to those.


I have been in the public school system for 11 years (and I am on starting 12th). I have worked with an array of teacher personalities, and they have worked with me to make school be a healthy productive environment. Since 8th grade, the experience that I have accrued from solving problems with teachers is at the level that I don't need parent involvement. I have changed grades, from simple discussions, and I have fixed arguments from conversations.

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