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May I ask why this was outside your expertise? You are literally the only AOL expert on here and I don't know who else to ask my AOL related questions to. I've used AOL since version 3.0 or earlier and I still don't know how all their stuff works.

"I was wondering what the difference is between "incoming/saved mail" and "saved on AOL"? When I save mail my mail seems to go to both of these folders, and sometimes there appears to be discrepancies between which messages go to which folder. I'd prefer it if there was only one folder for saving messages and for mail I've sent. Namely the sent folder. lol."

Whatever you want to save put in the "saved folder", if you put in the incoming/saved mail it deletes after a period of time. May I recommend you get another service and give up the AOL. I have been an expert here for years, and for years i have been saying they have the very worst service, sorry but that is the truth!

Problems using AOL

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Expert knowledge in AOL versions 5.0, 6.0, and currently using 7.0, 9.0, if there is a problem within any area i can usually come up with a fix or know where to get it.


Have been an AOL member for almost 10 years and have suffered thru some of the problems that come up daily.

Bachelor of Science in Business Admin with a minor in Accounting

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