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Problems using AOL/Not receiving e-mail at my AOL account?


Steve, I have been an AOL customer since 1996 and have used its e-mail then with no problems (to my knowledge). In early March, I applied for a job with the federal Office of Personnel Management through the USA Jobs/Application Manager website used by the Federal government. I listed my AOL address for response. I checked my e-mail, including my spam folder, every day. In mid-May, I heard from some friends who had made the same application that they, and others they knew, had heard back and had been invited (or not) to participate in the second-round of the application process. I immediately e-mailed OPM and got an acknowledgement and "we'll get back to you" back. FINALLY TODAY I got a substantive response, and it was that OPM had sent me an e-mail at my AOL address on April 2 inviting me to participate in the second round, but that the deadline was May 10 and it had passed. OPM also advised it is not responsible for non-receipt of e-mails due to "spam folders or other filters." OPM recited back my AOL e-mail address correctly as the point-of-contact it used for the April 2 e-mail. Is it within the realm of reasonable possibility that OPM indeed sent this e-mail to my correct AOL address and that due to some issue with AOL, I did not receive it either in my inbox or my spam folder? Even if so, would it be just as likely that the problem was on the other end? Somewhere in between? Again, I have NEVER had a problem with my AOL account, either receiving e-mails or anything else, to my knowledge. Thanks very much for your time and consideration.

I am at a loss here. True I do not have confidence in AOL anymore but have not seen or heard issues with e-mails. I know that will not help your situation. What I would recommend is creating a free G MAIL Account, hope that helps some. Good Luck!!!


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