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Steve:  Have been with AOL since year 2000.  like their formats and ease of use.  Am currently using windows 7 and aol 9.7.  Computer is new with 8 g of hard drive.. Within the past few weeks all kinds of problems with aol...welcome screen slow to appear..if it comes up at all.  sites super slow in responding.  dead mouse...when typing an E mail etc, printing stops....and the list goes on and on.  Sent aol a memo on help a response with a site to click on....was a four page list of "to do's"...would take an expert to follow it.  Is there a fix, or site to go to for a download to fix the aol problems?   I use Mozilla/firefox and go to aol and no problems.  Any input appreciated.

AOL is the worst, there are really no more fixes worth doing....DO NOT download ANYTHING from AOL, whatever you do, it is nothing but problems, sorry I cannot offer anything more positive but they have gone so far down hill you need to find a new provider/e-mail address!

Problems using AOL

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Expert knowledge in AOL versions 5.0, 6.0, and currently using 7.0, 9.0, if there is a problem within any area i can usually come up with a fix or know where to get it.


Have been an AOL member for almost 10 years and have suffered thru some of the problems that come up daily.

Bachelor of Science in Business Admin with a minor in Accounting

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