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Our company, located in Florida, does have a Commercial Package Policy  for Liability Coverage which includes a Products-Completed Operations $2million limit.  Our agent says we DO have products liability coverage when we queried her, however, I just don't know if we are talking the same language.

You know that laymen and experts often talk to each other without communicating, so I would like to call on your experience to see if we really are on the same page.  In reading through the policy, we note various phrases such as "Personal and advertising injury", "bodily injury", "property damage".  We're just not sure if our concern is addressed because of definitions used in the insurance industry and exclusions.  I know you have no idea of the wording of our policy, but perhaps you have some input as far as the boilerplate of standard policies that could help me drill down into the matter.

Our concern is not actual physical injury to anyone.  Our concern is not property damage caused by our product.  

Our concern is simply what if our product does not perform as our literature says, as far as its longevity, for example.  We offer replacement of questionable product, but our product is married to much more expensive add-ons.  Here's a similar situation.  Say we provide the paint or coating of a product sold by a big home improvement store for installation in or on a house.  Say the store buys the product from our customer who actually manufactures the product.  It turns out that due to an application error by our customer, our product does not maintain its integrity and starts to flake or break down in some other way, or lose color fastness.  The home improvement store sues our customer and us as well.  Possibly we can even point to the incorrect performance by our customer.  But no matter, we are part of the suit and have to defend our position, which can really be expensive for a small company.  

So we just want to be sure that our insurance company would defend us, up to any deductible.  I was with another company at one time and found that the protection provided by the policy was sort of fungible, so I'm looking for a degree of comfort here.



You really need to have an attorney review the whole policy.  You are really asking 2 separate questions.  First, if the insurer will pay for counsel to defend you.  Second, will insurance pay for a judgment or settlement.

The first question is that there is probably a separate duty to defend.  This means insurance would pay for counsel if there is such a provision.

The second question is dependent on the insurance policy.  You can have the agent verify coverage or you can hire an attorney to review the policy and provide an opinion letter.

Very truly yours,

Paul D. Friedman, M.A., Ph.D., J.D.

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