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LT wrote at 2010-06-26 22:25:18
my rod fell apart, well, the hooks fell off and were just floating around.  The rod had to be removed and doing so the bone had to be cut away from around it and the rod cut in 1/2.  I still have all the pieces.  I was informed the rod was defective and was too long.  It was uncomfortable and resulted in my having an extra surgery and 80 some more stitches up my spine.  I heard of a class action suit but haven't been able to find out anything about it,

mike wrote at 2010-11-25 21:06:37
I had corrective surgery in 1984 for scoliosis and was fused from my tail bone to my neck. Both of the harrington rods broke.The harrington rod has been used from the early 1960's to 1990's and then discontinued. Failures in the procedure had been happining from day one but continued use was kept unchecked for decades. Now, there are thousands of people in terrible, disabling health and thousands upon thousands of horror stories on groups designed to the harrington rod. The continued use in knowing that these procedures lead to failure is a terrible travisty. The billions of dollars profited by these pre-known failed procedures have left thousands of lives, including my own, in medical, emotional and finacial disability with no means of restitution.

Please see the millions of people who agree to this by key words in your search engine.

Jan wrote at 2012-08-16 22:55:41
I had Harrington rods placed in 29 years ago.  Until now I have had no issues.  Now I am plagued by dibilitating pain in the upper part (above the rods) and lower part (below the rods) in my back.  It hurts to stand for long periods of time.  I am now experiencing massive migraines due to my back.  There are no doctors here that are familiar with these rods as I went 9 hrs away to have this surgery.  I am not sure where to turn and feel that I along with my Dr. were misled into thinking that these would be best for me.  I do not blame my Dr he was the top Dr at CLeveland Clinic but I do blame the manufacturer.  

Khaos wrote at 2012-10-25 19:15:59
I had Harrington rods placed on both sides of my spinal cord in 1990.  I have always had pain to deal with, but I learned to deal with it, even when it has gotten to be tremendous which is occasionally the case.  One thing I have yet to get used to and now that I am hearing all the horror stories is the uncomfortable sleeping positions and the loss of breath at times that awakens me quite readily, as of late.  I now wonder if I am not going to wake up, one day.  I can't explain this to my wife and family because I just don't know what the implications are.  Looking for help!

John Trksak wrote at 2013-03-17 21:25:24
I've had two surgeries, the second being the rods and i have most of the stated pain. The one thing that is different is that the screws have partly pulled out due to an accident and the doctors spent time trying to see it with X-RAYs and with MRIs,they could not find it till it healed that way. Needless to say i have constant pain! At this point i am living on pain medication,and my liver is failing.

Pam wrote at 2013-04-29 05:53:52
I have had a total of 3 top left rod was removed after I gave birth to my son.. my lower 2 rods were removed several years after they bent and the tips broke, but at the time they broke I was told they would never move or cause any harm.. well,, needless to say, they did and it caused severe damage to my sciatic nerve which runs down my right leg..I still live with pain daily and burning from the nerve damage. I kept my broken rods after they were removed. I was forced to quit my job and try to raise my 2 children on a limited income. Still not able to work and I have been told by my doctor that there is nothing more they can do. I had my surgery on my 16th birthday and they did not explain any complications to her,they only told her I needed the surgery. It basically ruined my life when the rods broke. They no longer use the "Harrington" rods because they break. I would like to find someone that would help me ensure a future for my children since I can't work.  

johnnychronic wrote at 2014-08-07 16:37:36
I had H-Rods put in at my L4&L5 s for spondolthesis  back in Dec. 1976 (18yrs old).  then again 10 days later to take them out because they had failed, cracking the lumbar . this left me w/ nerve damage thru-out my mid section and down to the feet. My  left leg was hardest hit leaving me weak w/atrophy from muscle loss as well as terrible circulation and gimp in the foot. Since, I have suffered from pinched nerve shocks in my scrotum, butt and left foot that have increased in frequency and severity over the years as well as chronic pain, constipation/incontinence and a sex life that's been no bargain. I thought I inquired about a class action suit back in the late 80's but nothing ever came of it.Are there any law suits taking places that I'm unaware of. I would greatly appreciate any information. thank you .          Johnny Chronic  

Donna Owens wrote at 2015-02-19 07:54:27
I had Harrington rods placed around 1974.  I also wore two different casts over nine months following.  I have learned now that I've been compensating over the years by using bent knees, wider support base, etc.  I've had two girls 1985 and 1987 by C-sections.  I graduated from RN school in 1980 and have worked all my life beginning at an early age with dog and baby sitting jobs.  I have many health issues and auto immune problems.  In 2010 I filed for disability by just going to my local Social Security office.  They assisted to fill out the papers right then and got a list of my many physicians.  Within 3 months the office called to let me know I would start receiving payments.  I now can add herniated disc and bulging at the lumbar sacral area where the bottom rod is attached.  My orthopedic physician sent me for epidurals for the pain.  While taking my medical history right before taking me back for procedure it just so happened it was heard by the anestigiologist who came over and talked to me for quite awhile.  Long story short he sent me home and told me no reputable surgeon would touch this, basically I have a cement back where they take the crushed bone and fat to fuse the rods.  He suggested I could try a pain clinic and perhaps they could do transforaminal epidurals.  OK. So that is what I am doing for pain and they can only be done 3 times a year.  The injections raise my blood sugar to 400-500 but I am on an insulin pump which I have to watch carefully after the treatments.  I too loved my physician and hospital and feel they treated me wonderful.  But it seems there should be something to be done for the ones of us to have our life change this way.  Now I'm even wondering about the material used and if it could be what caused the auto immune.  I have many allergies and .... Just wonder.

NatesMawmaw wrote at 2015-06-23 15:59:32
I was in a car wreck which broke my back (1979) I had surgery with Dr Mctighe & Dr Zenni (GREAT doctors) - at Good Sam Hospital Cincinnati Ohio. I was 18 then. Harrington rods/bone from pelvic/body cast 6 months and Milwaukee brace 4 months - no problems till I turned 38ish ... they found that the rods had "broken". The long metal part DROPPED and the screws can be seen in the xray UP toward my shoulders.

I am now 54 - been in pain management 14 years. The only thing to touch my pain is the Fentanyl Patch (and I am up to 100MC after 9 years of being on the patch) it is quite expensive and now I am going to be going thru a divorce and scared to death if my new insurance (which would have to be Obama care as I am self employed and only make 10 to 15 thousand a year) will cover the patches ...

Why is there no suit against the manufactors of these rods?!!?

I wish I could go out and work a 40 hr a week job - there would be no way as even with the patch - my pain sometimes hits a 9 level :(  

Karen K. wrote at 2015-09-15 16:04:07
For those of us only starting to have problems, 30 to 40 years out from our original surgeries. Why was there never any NOTIFICATION that there might be a problem coming? They knew this from the 1990s. I think there could be a suit, just from their lack of notifying us that problems could ensue.

Carolyn Pruitt Howard wrote at 2015-10-11 18:02:03
I have harrington rod got it at age 14 I can m ot stand or sit for long periods of time my back constantly hurts bending is hard I had two surgeris numbness in legs also where it was fused list numeroys of jobs.

Lorraine McIntyre wrote at 2016-11-02 09:51:57
I had Harrington rods and spinal fusion in 1966 for scoliosis. Now 50 years later am on disability have degeneration above and below fusion, and pain I cannot stand. Nothing can be done. This was the only answer to helping scoliosis back then but they would have known the problems as the years rolled by. I an on disability cannot do hardly anything try to keep positive but the pain cannot be controlled. The rods cannot be removed due to the fact they have merged with my spine.  

Amidani wrote at 2017-03-16 16:19:58
I had spinal fusion with a Harrington Rod from T2-L3 in 1978 to correct idiopathic scoliosis.  My largest curve was 47 degrees, but I had two additional curves that were smaller.  I am now 53 and experiencing terrible lower back and hip pain.  I was told that I should consider revision surgery to fuse two or all of the remaining lumbar vertabrae.  I have seen 5 surgeons--each has a different recommendation.  I suffer from a wide variety of autoimmune issues and am treated for chronic migraines.  

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