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Cathy wrote at 2007-05-06 14:08:11
I have just stated to research the failure rate of the saline implant.  I had to have my saline implant replaced two years ago and now I just found out it ruptured again.  When I wanted just to have them removed I was informed that Mentor would only pay for replacement. I was told by my doctor she has never heard of another case of deflation however I find it interesting that the coment before said the implant that is deflating is the same side each time.  I too have the same problem the deflation is in the same side and I had them both replace just to make sure the other one may have come out of the same batch.

Mary Smith wrote at 2007-09-27 18:37:10
I had Mentor implants put in in 2003.  In 2004 the left one ruptured and had to be replaced.  Now I am experiencing the same scenario with the right side.

Dei wrote at 2007-11-15 22:34:57
Let me join in!  Originally I had Mentor saline implants in 99.  Only to have the left one leak out in 2003.  I am now having the same one replaced again due to leakage.  There has to be some help out there.  Mentor is not concerned at all.

D Brown

Angie wrote at 2008-03-06 23:18:00
I just glanced at your e-mail when I saw McGann- b/c I am facing my 3rd rupture with McGann's saline implant.  The first one was 4yrs out, the second was the opposite side 3 MONTHS later and now it is 6 1/2 yrs later.  I want to get them both re-done because I am afraid in a few months the other side will "blow" and I will face yet another surgery w/ anesthesia and added cost!  I am re-investigating brands.  Good luck to all those in search.

liz wrote at 2012-03-14 02:58:37
Hello, I am searching the internet for others who have experienced discomfort from a saline implant fill valve from a 363 Mc Ghan size 310 implant. The valve is poking out pushing my skin and thin muscle as I have reconstruction from breast cancer and my tissue has grown thin as I was expanded and reconstructed 13 years ago. I am very uncomfortable. Surgery is a risk for me as I have a bleeding disorder that was diagnosed after having had breast cancer. I am scheduled to have the implants removed and hope to have cohesive gel "gummy bear" type implants to replace these if I can get surgical clearance from a hematologist. The pain from the valve in pulsing as I type. This condition and surgery is also going to require I take time off work and can not assist my elderly father who has dementia. Can anyone recommend an attorney and directions for keeping the implant as proof after explantation?  

Illinois Implant Sufferer wrote at 2016-02-09 21:35:39
Monica our stories are almost identical.  I initially had Mentor's saline implants put in in 2001 and the left one ruptured in 2006 and was replaced by a new surgeon this same year because the original surgeon died. In 2014 the left implant ruptured again and the surgeon used in '06 replaced this one in January 2015. After the swelling went down around February or March of '15 the left implant was noticeably small although while swollen it was much larger and it was found to be deflating. In October 2015, I had another surgery to replace this one and again after the swelling went away, this implant is currently deflating and causing me some pain. I have had underarm pain and now under breast pain.  My newest illness is liver problems that are baffling my doctors as they are unsure where this is from.  Mentor paid my 2nd surgeon over 1700.00 on two different occasions even after I already paid him for his services and he never mentioned it...I only recently found out through emails sent from Mentor wanting to send me a phantom 1200.00 check (as they have sent to you) and the company replaced all implants at no cost to me and agree to replace the next one if surgery is elected by me (which I am not sure I will go through this again and am considering having them removed even though the right one does not give me any problems). I have wondered if my surgeon weakened the valve in order to be further compensated by Mentor as he was.  This is a sad situation that you have to either be terminal or die before an attorney will help.  I'm in Illinois.

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