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Hi Jim,
Maybe this question is not in your field but you could help us to get more info about this topic.
I had an argument with a friend about a third friend that has been selling new and used NFL t-shirts, shorts and Jerseys on Ebay.
The Question: Is this guy in trouble or could be in trouble with NFL for selling this articles?. Could he be sued for not having any kind of permit from NFL to sell those clothes?
There is a big lack of information about these rules. Can you help us to find some info?
We thank you in advance,

  As you mentioned, this is not a subject that I am well acquainted. So, I asked our friends at Google for the answer. I seemed to have found a good source for the information you need with the first "hit".
  The answer to your question is "no", you do not need a license to resell NFL: products.  The reason behind this is due to the fact that the licensing fee has already been paid by licensee.      This assumes that the product has not been produced by some shady character in a Singapore sweat shop.
  If your friend is producing his own merchandise, then he obviously needs a license.
  It sounds to me like he is well within the bounds of the law.
  For additional information, please check out this website. It seems like good information, though I cannot endorse the site since it is a blog. As mentioned, this information is not very accessible to the public, so this site may be all you need.

Best wishes

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