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QUESTION: Does Michael Vick deserve the starting job or is this a desperate move by Rex Ryan to win a few games (to put Vick in 1st string)

Simms, Smith, & Vick
Simms, Smith, & Vick  
I will be happy to answer your question as long as you realize that you are asking a question that my answer will be my opinion and not an objective answer.
That being said, I would like for you to rate my answer objectively, and not as a matter of whether you agree with my answer or not. I place a lot of value on my record of near perfect ratings.
If you are agreeable, here goes ...

The Jets and Rex Ryan are in a terrible predicament.  The “wheels are coming off the cart” as they say.  The question of whether Michael Vick deserves the chance to take over as the starting quarterback is not the issue.  Michael Vick is the ONLY option that the Jets have as their starting QB on Sunday.  Geno Smith is a mess.  He is the worst starting QB in the NFL half way through the 2014 season.  He is so bad that they need to bench inn order that he might gain back some confidence by not screwing up any more.  He is in his second season and if there is any hope to save his career, he has to be replaced now.
New York is the worst city in the USA for a high profile home team athlete to screw up.  This goes for the Knicks, Mets, Yankees, Giants, Rangers, Islanders, or Nets.  The negative press attention will eat you alive.  Eli Manning is a rare exception of an athlete that can sustain the negativity of the NY media.  Remember the Frank Sinatra lyric, “if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere”
Compared to the other 33 ranked NFL QB’s statistics, Geno he is ranked 27th or lower in every passing category.  He has the lowest passer rating in NFL, and the 2nd highest Interception rate.
If Geno is not the QB, then who is?  The ONLY answer is Michael Vick. The Jets do not list a third string QB. (Matt Simms is on the practice squad) An NFL playbook is too extensive for a waiver wire pickup or undrafted free agents to learn the Jets system.  If they had a bye week, a player who was proficient in a Rex Ryan type system might get the hang of the critical portion of the playbook.  The Jets bye week comes in week #11.
Regardless of who plays QB, the Jets are not going to make the playoffs.  If a miracle occurs and they win the rest of their games, they would still have only nine wins, which is usually not enough to snag a wild card berth.
No matter what happens, there is almost no chance that Rex Ryan will coach the team next year.  Geno Smith will be released by the Jets and start over on another team.  I doubt he will be a starter. The only goal that the Jets may reach this year is to secure the first round pick in the 2015 NFL draft.
This is why Michael Vick is the only answer.  He has been awful so far filling in for Geno.  His quote to the press after his first appearance that he was not prepared to play was very discouraging.  Does Michael Vick have enough desire and quarterbacking skill to win some games, restore some team pride, and salvage fan support?  We will find out the answer starting on Sunday.
Best wishes,
Jim Considine

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QUESTION: in the draft if Marcus Mariota (or another worthwhile QB) has not been drafted do you think the should pick someone from the draft or wait to rebuild this team and get some one in 2016-2017?(or could free agency a option)

I just realized while watching the highlights that you are a Jets fan and I spoke to you as if you were a Redskins fan.  
A lot of the same thoughts still apply.  The biggest problem is that the coaching position is unsettled. The General Manager by all rights deserves more time to prove himself. However, if Woody Johnson can turn his team around by hiring someone who can turn the team around, then I would say that no one's job was secure.  That starts with the General Manger John Idzik, Coach Rex Ryan, Geno Smith and Fireman Ed if necessary.
I live in Baltimore and have a lot of admiration for Rex Ryan. Regardless of  how much he is liked, it's time for Rex to go.  This presents a problem with the new coach. They need to be ready to make a choice ASAP.  The problem is, if you want to hire a successful Offensive or Defensive Coordinator, the best of the bunch will be busy until late January or February.  I'm not sure if there is an unemployed coach who the Jets can hire on December 29, 2014.  If the coach was that good, then they wouldn't be unemployed.  Mike Shanahan's mystique was erased in Washington.  The retired guys who are doing television are not ditching their new life for the unbelievable stress and workload of being the NY Jets head coach.  
Maybe they can give the job to former Mayor Bloomberg?
Whoever they chose, the question that needs to be answered is can the new coach manage a very talented, loose canon like Jameis Winston?  Winston may not be the ideal candidate to be a starting rookie QB in New York city.  I think that Marcus Mariota is a better choice considering the variables. I think Jameis might be a good fit for Tampa Bay where he will have an exceptional coach who will show Jameis the path to maturity and stardom.
There is one more thought to consider.  Trade your #1 choice for a mature QB or take advantage of a player who is a talented second stringer wasting away on someone's bench.  Plus, you could snag some additional draft picks to restock the Jets soft spots.  Whoever they bring on will  take over the team and mentor his eventual replacement. The one guy who I would be really careful with is  Johnny Manziel.  He's another headcase that would require lots of mentoring.
That's what I think ...
Best wishes,


A lot of questions about the direction of the team for 2015 are going to be answered with the return of RGIII.  As long as he does not embarrass himself, he will get another chance next year.  The Redskins have a lot invested in RGIII so they would be wise to see if he can show some of the brilliance he displayed as a rookie.
The Redskins need to use this draft to build up the defensive secondary, offensive line, tight end, and defensive line.  All the stuff that Daniel Snyder avoids in his quest for big name free agents.  A championship football team is built with the draft and shrewd signings of the undrafted and supplement with free agents.  Snyder puts very little effort into scouting and searching for a player that has been passed over.
Here's a challenge for you ... List all of the big free agent signings that the Redskins have made since Snyder bought the team.  When you look at the list, you'll see that a couple free agents have been great signings (e.g. Santana Moss, Mark Brunelle, and Sean Springs) and many have been complete disasters.  Some of the disasters were so bad that they wrecked the Redskins "salary cap budget" because of the big bonuses paid to free agent.  After the money is spent, they cannot afford to sign the players a team need to build a solid foundation. (e..g. the Redskins let Ryan Clark go the the Steelers where he had a great career while we signed a freak named Adam Archuleta).
Best wishes/GO NAVY,

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