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Mr. Smith,
Please take a look at this email I received.Is this a scam?

How are you doing today,Hope all is well with you over there,if so glory be to god,

I am very happy that you are ready to be performed in the trials . Please I want you to also send me your Medical Certificate Insurance because is very important for you and the club( The European clubs)Here are the club i have for you below to be performed in the try out,

Let me know the club you will really would like to be performed the trials out of the club listed below.

1. Sunderland (FC) Football Club of England

2. Wigan Athletic F.C Football Club Of England

3. Rbc Rosendha Fc of Holland

I would advice you to send me your home address information and your Phone number ,So that i can able to forward everything to the team sponsorship for the verification to list you name among the player list who is going to be performed in the trails,

The team sponsorship informed us that all your Travel Document include the Hotel Accommodation will be taking care on behalf of the organization,

So i advice you to be very loyal and honest with me so that we can get this done before the trails,
Regard me back as soon as possible,


Mr Marc Crawford

Subject: Football Trails Recurite
Concorde Sports Agency,
9903 Santa Monica Boulevard, Suite 122,
Beverly Hills, CA 90212


This is definitely a scam.

Do not give this person any money and tell them you have contacted your local police and complained to FIFA about them. They'll probably ask for money for insurance/medical fees/flights next, and then you'll never hear from them again.

All FIFA approved agents are listed here:

You can search the list by country or by name. There is no-one with the surname Crawford on the list. Do not deal with anyone who isn't on this list. If you are contacted by someone who claims to be one of the agents on the list, verify their identity by using the contact details given on the list.

I suggest you contact both the English clubs and the Concorde Sports Agency and ask if they've heard of Marc Crawford. Better still, forward them the e-mail you received and then pass their comments back to the person trying to scam you.

Sunderland's website:
Sunderland's e-mail:

Wigan's website:
Wigan's e-mail:

Concorde's website:
Concorde's e-mail:

Best wishes,

Mark Smith.

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