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Denish Verma wrote at 2013-09-30 04:14:24
HI Paul.

I hope you doing well.

I am also very familiar with craigslist with 7 years experience in Online marketing.

I worked for USA and UK for craigslist.

- Craigslist just updated something new like - Photo uploading issues related to user. Some times ago Craigslist, offers images from Hosting website / photo hosting websites , but right now its not allow.

- About the ghost ads, its important that - you are posting right ads in right category.

There are some major points in new terms and conditions of Craigslist.

1) Do not put multiple ads one time

2) No spam ads

3) The content must be unique

4) Can not post ads for commercial in frequency

5) Can not host images.

For more information - you can visit craigslist help


Denish verma

SEO Manager

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