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Hello Mr. Blaine,
I cannot seem to find anywhere on the internet examples of post project evaluations. I only find templates or how to conduct a post project review. I need an acual example of a project that was completed and reviewed. I need an example to find the strengths and weaknesses in their evaluations. Any ideas where I can find an example or maybe some search criteria. Thank you for your time.


Yes, the web has a lot content for processes and templates for project "post mortem" "retrospective" "closing reports" ... many names, but very little actual results. Companies are loath to publish the results of their internal projects.

FYI, a name that includes all these ideas, and more, is "case study."

My best recommendation for an excellent source of case studies of actual projects is not free. It's a book from the guru of project management: Harold Kerzner: Project Management: Case Studies.

Amazon link:

$50, it's expensive. But, you will not find a better, more comprehensive, and useful set of case study results.  

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