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1. What are the phases of a project development cycle? Give the salient tasks under each phase. What are the outlines of opportunity studies in project management? How do there impact upon project feasibility studies?

2. Doubled Project Report (DPR) forms the foundation on which the entire superstructure of the project is built – if it is weak, project cannot weather the turbulent times ahead. Bring out the do’s and don’ts of a good DPR.

3. What is the concept of “Free Float” (Primary slackness) and “Total Float” (Secondary slackness)? Bring out their significance in project management.

4. A good team-work speeds up project implementation justify. Developing self directed projected teams is the key to improving effectiveness in project management. Elucidate.

5. Describe the objectives, planning procedure and organizational structure required for commissioning of projects. What quality control methods are prevalent in project management?

You have asked 5 separate questions and each would take time to answer appropriately. Here are a few comments: The phases of a project depend on organizational preference. Typically the phases are: Cocept, design, build, test, deploy, close. The tasks in these phases are determined through the development of a WBS. There are many examples of work breakdown structures, with detailed tasks and activities, available on line.

I am not familiar with the DPR.

Free float is the flexibility between an activity and its immediate successor activities. Total float is the flexibility between an activity and the project end date.

Teamwork is essential for any project. Self directed teams often develop internal issues if the entire team is not fully committed to the project and are equally sharing the work required. Strong leaders create teams that work in a mostly self directed mode and who look to the leader for occasional guidance.

Organizational structure is defined by management. Project management may be utilized in functional , matrix and projectized structures depending on the level of authority to be granted to a project manager and the level of consistency in managing projects throughout the organization.

Quality control will vary - Most organizations combine quality assurance - methids, procedures, and policies, with quality control - metrics and measurements and identifying variances for correction.

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