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Hello Frank,
I want to start task4 whenever task1 or task2 or task3 is complete.
I was not able to find the proper wording in MsProject 2007 to do this.
Can it be done?

In other word, it is like a "OR" and not a "AND" - I do not want all 3 to be complete in order to start Task4.

Thank you.

Hi , The start of the successor task depends on the logical relationship with its predecessors. If you are using a finish to start relationship between tasks 1,2,and 3 and task 4, task 4 will start after the largest early finish of the previous tasks. I suggest using an FS relationship between task 1 and task 4, task 2 and task 4, and task 3 and task 4. include the durations for each task in the task attributes. If the durations of tasks 1-2-3 are different, task 4 will start after the task with the greatest duration.

You can use a start to start relationship with lag also.

Do all 3 predecessors have the same duration? and same start date?

You may want to include a contstraint at task 4 such as "must start no later than" which may cause the result you are looking for.

It appears that you want task 4 to start after any of the 3 predecessaors is complete.I'll have to check with a few MS project experts to see if there is an option to do that.  

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