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RJ wrote at 2014-02-18 19:33:12
There is no coverage under section B (other structures) either as there is an exclusion for anything over water.

ZJL wrote at 2015-06-24 04:03:53
Paul, Jim is correct in some instances. Is the boat lift attached to a dock that is permanently attached to the residence? i.e. no winter's which require the insured to remove the dock to prevent seasonal damage? In which interest we would classify as either coverage b or c as you outlined. Personal property for theft is covered so theft of the boat hoist would apply. However, a police report would need to be filed in order to receive payment. If determined to be coverage b as outlined coverage would apply for accidental direct physical loss as well. Boat equipment is the boat itself or a motor water craft and it's content within i.e. fishing rods, depth finders, fuel tanks, depth finders, outboard motors, and trailers for boats. But, NOT for docks or boat hoists. I know its a long answer, but its the correct one.

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