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They specialize in short term vacation rentals.

Since using your second home as a vacation rental is fairly new to the insurance world, misinformation and confusion is rampant when it comes to determining appropriate insurance coverage for this booming industry!  This policy will completely replace your current homeowners or landlord policy. But the plus side to this is you can now write your insurance off as a business expense! Yay!!

Top 3 Reasons Why CBIZ Vacation Rental Policy Is Designed for You:

#1- A homeowner’s policy does not cover business activities. Most agents are trying to issue these businesses with traditional policies that have been in place for decades that specifically exclude business activities.  (Except for daycares in most cases) These policies include personal liability. Which does you no good if a guest is injured.  See #3.

#2- Or they are issuing long term landlords policies on your short term rental that are meant for long term rentals, which may not cover your contents. That’s not good when someone shows up with a truck and steals everything….which has happened by the way. Oh they will say, you’re fine to rent up to so and so days….but is that vacation rent? Or occasional renting? What does that really mean? We put in writing that this is short term vacation rental insurance. Will they? The only way to find out is to ask….in writing.

#3- Personal liability and personal liability umbrellas do not cover/protect you because your rental is now a business exposure.  If a guest is injured and sues you, or your property manager personal liability coverage will not respond. (Personal liability means just what it implies; you had something to do with the injury. IE: You knocked someone down and they hurt themselves, you were part of the accident.) This could mean that you are on your own for lawyer’s fees and court costs. YIKES, that could get expensive! Commercial liability is what will cover you for injuries that a guest sustains while staying at your property. CBIZ will respond to every demand to pay letter subject to NO deductible! Yay!!

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