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Hi Kristen,

I'm wondering if our recent roof leak will be covered by our home insurance, which covers sudden and accidental perils, since we didn't discover the extent of the damage for several months.

In sum, we noticed during a storm this spring that some branches and small debris fell heavily onto our roof.  We went up to examine the roof and did not see any discernible damage.  We didn't notice any water coming into the house.  However, several months later, during another, more mild, storm, water all of a sudden started leaking into the house, visibly ruining a plaster wall.  

We checked downstairs under the room where the leaking was showing, and found that in fact, the drywall of that room was soft (but we hadn't noticed before because it was covered in shelving).  We removed the shelving and the drywall and found evidence of months of water damage, likely from the first storm.  

Will our home insurance cover the water damage to both rooms, as well as the repairs to the roof?



First, my apologies for the late response. I had a family emergency and have not been on my computer much in over a week.

As for your claim, unfortunately I can't give you a definitive answer and here's why. It's not entirely clear if the first storm did in fact cause the damage. It could be that it did, it's possible that there was an issue with the roof prior to that and the storm brought it to light, etc... There are a lot of "what if's" that I can't answer.

My feeling is that yes, you will get coverage, most likely for all of the damage but you'll need to file a claim and have an adjuster come out. The adjuster will examine the damage, the roof, etc... and make a determination with regard to coverage. One piece of advice, you mentioned that you removed the drywall and found months of water damage. Don't replace the drywall until an adjuster sees it. That is definitely part of your claim.

I wish I could help you more than this but again, without seeing the damage, knowing exactly what caused it, I just can't. File a claim sooner rather than later and get an adjuster out to your home and you'll have your answer.

If there's anything else I can answer feel free to email me again. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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