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Property & Casualty Insurance/House Fire Claim. Please HELP!


John Roza wrote at 2013-08-18 18:45:41
A twenty five thousand dollars reduction in your settlement, can have many factors, for instance, most likely, was your home declared a total loss? If the answer is yes, you should be paid up to the policy limits. The amount you received. is also dependent on how your policy was written. The most important aspect of your settlement is how your itemized loss report was written  also known as a loss verification report consisting of line item entries,of each room in the residence, of the actual damages.  This report could contain 40 plus pages, depending on the severity of the damages. Only an expert can decipher this report against the actual computer program that was used to generate the loss verification report. The loss verification report is the single most critical document in an insurance claim settlement.

Most insurance companies do not cover land, only the structures build on that land.  

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