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We recently experienced extensive water damage to multiple rooms of our property resulting from a frozen pipe burst.  We have contacted the insurance company and filed a claim, and now await a visit from the mobile unit adjuster to discover if/how much the incident will be covered.  In the meantime, I was asked by the insurance company to provide a statement about what happened that reflects the "sudden and accidental" nature of the event.  I have been warned that insurance companies may use any of my words against me to refute our claim.  Is there a "template" for this kind of incident that will help me to better state what happened?  Please help me avoid an ulcer over this matter.


Your right to question someone before your statement to the insurance company. Insurances company's reject claims that are due to normal wear and tear. For instance every 15 years you can't call them to replace your roof, they go bad in 15 years and that's normal. In your case a burst pipe is not normal where and tear as without the cold whether you wouldn't have had a burst pipe. So you want to make it clear to the insurance company that an event happened and it wasn't due to normal use and the pipe just wore out. What has to have occurred is an event that caused damage, which a time and date can be placed upon the event. In your case you don't have to know that time and date but a time and date has to be assigned to further demonstrate that this was not damage due to time.
You will get your pipes paid for in that case in addition all the resulting damage. The insurance company saves only on the cost of replacing the pipe and the plumbing work the it entails if it were due to normal wear and tear in that case they would still pay for resulting damage. In the case of burst pipe based upon the above your entitled to both the plumbing work to replace the pipe and the resulting damage. There are no template's on your end, their are on the insurance company's they know exactly how to word the questions so you make an error, but with the knowledge you now have you should have no issue whatsoever. Please ask again or contact me at if you don't understand any part of what I wrote though as it is extremely important that you have a working knowledge of what it is that is important with your claim.

Good Luck,

Jim C  

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