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Hi I live in Michigan an had a house fire and it's been a little over a year. Our claims adjuster drags his feet on everything and it's been a long process. The contents have been paid out and we have found a home and are supposed to be closing tomorrow. The adjuster just came back today with an a price of 25k less than he said we were getting. He said that even though our guaranteed replacement value is 220k we only get that if we rebuilt our home, but since we decided to move from the city to the suburbs the land has higher value in the suburbs so he would have to deduct for the land. Is this right? It doesn't seem fair. The house we found is actually under 200k What if anything can we do?


First, let me say I'm sorry that you lost your home in a fire.  I cannot imagine how difficult that must be for you and your family.  

Before I can answer your question, I must first say that I'm a public adjuster in Florida.  Our policies may be different from yours in Michigan.  In Florida (and I can't see why Michigan would be any different), insurance companies are not insuring the land, therefore in my opinion, they should not be adjusting your loss and subtracting from your payment due to different land values.  The reduction in your payment for Coverage A based on land value makes no sense to me.  I have seen where insurance companies pay ACV (Actual Cash Value) for a loss until repairs are made.  Other insurance companies will pay ACV until you go under contract with a contractor.  ACV is calculated by taking Replacement Cost (today's cost to rebuild or replace your home) and then subtracting depreciation.  

I would recommend that you contact an attorney or public adjuster in your area and ask for a free consultation.  Some websites that can help you find a public adjuster in your area are: and  You can also file a complaint against your adjuster (and insurance company) by calling Michigan's Department of Licensing & Regulatory Affairs at 877-999-6442.

I hope this information has helped.  

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