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I am looking for an Insurance Company in FL who can write a tenant policy for a home my husband and I own but do not occupy. I am being told that it can't be insured unless it's owner occupied because of the Trust (simple family trust my husband and I are trustees)unless they issue a separate liability policy through a surplus company which doubles the cost.

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ANSWER: Debra,

Where is the home located?  What year was it built?  What company is the agent putting the property coverage with?  Who is the agent?

Sorry to ask so many questions, but you're question is not as simple as it sounds...that's primarily because it's FL.  With limited property markets it can be difficult to find companies that will write.  

If you can answer the above questions, I may be able to suggest a company or an agent that can help you.


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Thank you for the quick reply.

The home is in Sanford FL. It was built in 1920. The agency was Insurance Land the agent checked multiple companies that they use but not sure which.

We own a rental single family home in NH and have Allstate and the trust was not an issue at all.


ANSWER: Hey Debra,

Thanks for the additional information.  Looks to me like the biggest issue is going to be the age of the home.  Sanford is in an area where a lot of companies wouldn't mind writing business so there should be lots of choices.  Again...the age is probably what limits the selection.

Depending on the construction and whether or not the home has been updated in the last 10 years, there may be some markets that would be willing.  Unfortunately Allstate does not write down here in FL.  Have you checked with an Allstate agent in Sanford?  In FL, Allstate agents have access to other companies.  Since you have other coverage with them, the agent down here might be willing to look at some of the companies they have access to.  

Typically, companies don't have any problems writing coverage for a house in the name of a trust.  It's fairly common, as I'm sure you know.  Many companies that write rental dwellings will also include the landlord liability on the same policy.  There are some, however, that don't.  There are only a couple companies that will write a stand-alone personal liability policy that would cover the exposure but they may not be willing to do so in the name of the trust.

There is one other option.  If your personal home up there is in the name of the trust, the company may be able to endorse liability coverage onto your homeowner policy that would extend to the rental.

Unfortunately, if that's not an option then you may be stuck with no other options.  

One last comment...there are other agents in that area so you may check with them.  Not all agents represent the same companies so by doing so, you may find someone willing to write the whole thing for you at a reasonable cost.

Go to: the very top of the page, right above the search field, there is an Agent Locator link.  You can find other agents in that area that you can call.

I hope that helps a little.  Please let me know if you have more questions.

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QUESTION: Do you write insurance in Sanford?

Hi Debra,

Unfortunately I'm not an agent, while I do maintain my agent licenses. I am the VP of an insurance company that writes coverage for rental dwellings, however, we don't write homes older than 1999 construction.

Thanks for asking, though.  

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