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Dear Hal‎

Can Apartment / Bungalow property owners claim their Insurance on occurrence of earthquake ?.

Do General Insurance policies provided by Public or Private limited cos cover insurance coverage for natural disaster such as Earthquake ?.

Awaiting your reply,

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

Good morning Prashant,

The answer is that it depends on a given policy issued by a given insurance carrier.  Some carriers will offer earthquake coverage and some will not.  Some will offer earthquake coverage in the Midwest, but will not offer the coverage in California.

You may discover that earthquake coverage in a region more prone to the hazard is made available through an assigned risk pool, which is mandated by the government of that region.  A homeowner or business owner would submit an application to the insurance organization given authority to administrate the assigned risk program.  That organization would then assign the risk to an insurance company participating in the program.  Insurance companies selling home, automobile and/or commercial insurance in the region are given the opportunity to underwrite risks in the pool, pay a fee to opt out, or be denied the opportunity to conduct business in that region.

I hope the above has provided information which will prove helpful.  



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