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I had a house fire in February. My 3 children and I have been placed in a condo every since. I recently received a letter saying the insurance had paid through July and unfortunately, they advised me today it will be until the end of August? We are so uncomfortable here! We don't have even a television for us to watch? We are going through a lot. Currently, I'm seeing a psychiatrist from the stress and my children will also be scheduled soon to visit the psychiatrist! It's painful and suffering we are experiencing, not use to living like this!The condo had a fire next to me since we've been here and the water from eliminating the fire came threw our condo soaked carpet and walls! It took 2.5 weeks for repairs to our condo, but when I asked to be relocated the insurance company is saying it takes too long to relocate? I never experienced anything like this before, do me and my children have to stay here until my claim is settled? Or can I get legal help? Is this a normal time frame for a claim?

Hello Felicia,

Help is likely available for you.  I can tell you it isn't right and it shouldn't be happening, unfortunately it does all too often!

I can't leave my phone number on this forum.

However, if it doesn't filter out, feel free to email me de62569 and I use the Ya service with the hoo at the end.

If that was filtered out, feel free to email me again through this site, only mark it PRIVATE then I can email you my contact information.

I am happy to help you understand what is happening, and no I do not charge a fee to speak with you.  I do this because I experienced my own fire and my own challenges with the insurance company.

I look forward to hearing back from you and I am sorry I didn't see your email on Friday!

Kind Regards,

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Since 2004 I have been a licensed public adjuster advocating for the policyholder. I chose this path due to my own experience in losing my home to a fire. I specialize in total losses and complete preparation of inventory lists for submission to my client's insurance carrier. I can only adjust in the states I am licensed, North and South Carolina. However, I can assist with inventory and valuation preparation in ALL states.

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