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my son's luggage was stolen on a trip to Tampa Florida recently. the air lines refused to cover the cost due to the contents in his luggage.  He is an Artist/Actor.  We filed the claim through our home owners insurance.  The insurance adjuster wants to come to our house for a Claim of Statement. What should we expect?


Sorry for my delay in response.  For some reason, the AllExpert's notification email wasn't received.  As for your son's luggage being lost by the airlines, I'm sorry to hear that the luggage was lost.  It sounds like you were a victim twice when the airline refused to pay for your lost bag.  I would think that they should have some coverage for your son's lost items, perhaps a per bag fee.  Have you asked for a copy of their policy or gone online to read the fine print?  If they're not covering the items, then you have done the right thing by contacting your homeowner's insurance company.  Does your son live with you or is he attending College?  That may be a requirement for your insurance to cover his items.  You're going to want to read your policy.  In addition, you can expect that your adjuster will ask for a list of things lost/stolen, where you bought them, what price did you pay, receipts for those items purchased (if you have them), photos of the items, proof of your lost baggage claim against the airline, etc...  The more information you can provide, the better.  Your homeowners insurance company adjuster should have no troubles in paying on the claim once you provide him with the information, however you may have a deductible to consider.  For example, if you have a $500 deductible, you would need to document $501 or more in lost luggage items along with the cost of replacing the bag(s) to receive any funds from your insurance company.  Of course, I haven't seen your policy and you may want to consult with your insurance agent to confirm whether you have a deductible.  Depending on the value of the things lost/stolen, it may not be worth having an open claim with your insurance company.  Your deductible, assuming you have one for $500, can be recovered by going to court against the airline.  You may want to hire an attorney to assist you as the airline will certainly hire an attorney to represent their side.  

I hope this information has helped.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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