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Our neighbor's home fire caused our home to catch fire. We have substantial damage. When the appraiser came she told my husband we would receive an itemized list of her findings. We have not received any itemized list or total dollar amount estimate from her. We received A sworn statement of loss with instructions on filling out the loss sheets and stating they have to be accompanied by receipts and proof of vendors bids/estimates of damage.  Is this standard? Are we required to get apprasials,bids etc. without seeing anything the adjuster has estimated?

Hello Ashlee,

I am very sorry you for the challenges you are facing.  It is hard enough to suffer a fire, when the insurance company complicates the claim process it makes things even more traumatizing.

Unfortunately the way the adjuster handled the situation is "standard", simply incorrect and incomplete.  This answers your question, however I am sure it causes more questions like "What is correct".  I can't explain the entire process in this email.

I can volunteer a half an hour of my time to explain the process to you.  It usually does not take longer than that. I can't put my phone number on here as this is a public forum.  So please email me a question and mark it "private" so I can email you my contact information including my phone number.

If my email comes through on this response, you may email me directly with your contact information and I will be glad to contact you.  My email is firsthand247 and I have MSN for my email service.

Kind Regards,

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