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Hi, I work for an independent insurance agency and recently had an insured say that his farm rental dwelling had frozen underground pipes and not for sure if they were just frozen or if there was a break but no water was getting to the home.  I have had several different responses from our insurance companies as I sent out general email to see what our companies would or would not cover. Most of the companies that work with the ISO forms - stated that the well and underground pipes are considered part of Cov. A - dwelling so if the pipes broke they would be coverage for the broken pipes, damage to the well, and also pay for the excavating due to freezing.  -  If pipes are not broken - no coverage for anything.  
Some of our small Town Mutual companies also have different responses - some will pay if owner/occupied and pipes are broken,One company will not for the excavating but the broken pipes and then some will not pay at all as they state that  underground pipes are not covered even for freezing.....  Just wondering what your take is and if we should be requesting them to point it out in their policy forms if excluded completely?  Just so confusing!


Thank you for your question regarding your insured that has frozen pipes.  It's my understanding that this is happening often with the Winter weather.  Although I haven't seen the policy in question, with most policies that I've read in the past, coverage would only apply if there is a pipe break.  At that point, they would pay for excavating the pipe and resulting damages, however they would not pay for the pipe itself.  If there's not a pipe break, I don't believe the insurance company will be obligated to pay for anything.

I hope my answer has helped.  

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