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My husband has a renters insurance in place with
Usaa residing in texas but the claim i started was toward
The end of 2012 for loss of household goods being delivered
To our home in florida also went
Thru bbb because things was stolen while in the
Moving companys possesion along with items
Just plain "lost" i started the claim toward end of 2012
But never finished the claim bcause ws tryin to
Work out with moving company and also wS
Gathering reciepts my husband called the insurance company
Who advised 90 day limitation from when claim started
I was under the understanding it is a 2 yr limitation??


Moving is such hard work...even if you don't lift a box.  I know the worry and the difficulties...been there, done that!

Without looking at the specific policy form, I will not be able to give you a hard, fast answer.  However, I can talk about industry standard.  I've always found USAA to be very accommodating and easy to work least that's what I've heard from people I know that are insured with them.

Most policies do not have a time limitation for filing a claim.  Usually, the state where the policy is in force has a statute of limitations regarding property claims.  I believe that TX is two years as you stated.

What USAA may be referring to is an internal time limitation to complete the claim.  In other words, if the claim goes inactive because of lack of response from your end, they may only hold it open for 90 days and then close it.  That said, there are two options: 1) they should be able to reopen the old claim file; or 2) start the claim from scratch.  Either way, you should be able to get your claim moving forward again.

Let me know if you have additional questions.

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