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Property & Casualty Insurance/What is the content manipulation charge in mitigation and repair?


My house had water damage. I saw the mitigation company invoice has content manipulation charge. The insurance estimating repair also has the content manipulation charge. Now I need to demand time I took to move the wet items out of the affected room. Does the content manipulation charge just pay for moving something during the mitigation and repair? Can you explain it? Thank you.


Content manipulation charge is just an estimate of the costs related to moving the contents out to do a construction job along with the cost to move the contents back in after the repairs are complete. It could also refer to just moving the contents to one side of the house to get at an area of the house needed to be repaired and moving the contents back over to where they originally were once the area of damage has been fixed.
This figure is based on the amount of items in the area of house damaged it is often a nominal amount and would mean the contents in the area of damage are not damaged themselves and just need to be moved back and forth to do the job.

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