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Over the past winter a carport/storage structure collapsed damaging 16 X 32 X 8 inground pool. I am being told by the insurance company that the liner is covered but the concrete pool bottom is not.  Apparently they(the insurance company) spoke to the gentleman from the pool company who wrote the proposal who said the damage was caused by a shift in the earth which is not covered.  I do not believe the earth shifted but rather when the damage occurred the snow and melting behind/under the liner and water leaking through the liner tear causing repeated freezing and thawing of the resurfacing which then began to crack and break into pieces. (The liner and resurfacing of the pool had been done in 2008.)
My questions are as follows:  Is someone from a pool company qualified to give that diagnosis?  The carport/storage is covered under "Other structures" of my policy, is the pool considered a structure and according to policy I would be responsible for repair of any visible cracks, any cracks would have been under the lining.  Please help me as the cost of the pool bottom is quite expensive and without it what good is the replacement of the liner


Your pool builder does not have the expertise to determine whether a ground shift caused a crack or not. Your insurance company for obvious reasons though would like to make you believe his word to be "gospel". Coverage isn't an issue, the ground shifting determination is your entire battle.
Depending on your location will depend on who I would recommend for you to employ, to help you out, otherwise you'll have to do your own research and as a homeowner your opinion wouldn't be as respected as an outside professional. You may be able to get the opinion of an engineer specializing in this area and with that opinion fight yourself or employ a public adjuster with experience in this particular area, which would eliminate the majority of public adjusters.

Good Luck,
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