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Water damage to wall
Water damage to wall  
I have a rental unit that was occupied when a heavy rainstorm blew water through the outside bricks and damaged my wallcoverings and mountain grass broadloom carpeting. The tenant was away for a week visiting and shut and air conditioning was turned off when temps. were in the 90's.
There is mold and mildew under carpet and on burlap wall coverings.
One wall is literally being held up by wallcoverings. Will my policy  cover the damage to both the carpet and wall covering? I live in PA. My agent says policy does not cover mold. What does this really mean in terms of a sudden in-pouring of wind-driven rain from hurricane?


I'm sorry to hear about the loss at your condo rental unit.  As a disclaimer, I first must start by saying the advice I'm giving you is as an independent adjuster that has not seen or read your insurance policy, nor have I visited your rental unit.  

In general, after a hurricane, most inside water damage claims are covered when there's a storm created opening.  For example, a roof that is missing shingles, a roof vent is blown off or damaged, a window is missing the glass due to a tree limb or a piece of debris hitting it, a tree falls through a roof, etc...  What you're referring to is "wind driven rain" and that's often times not covered by most of the insurance policies, unless the policyholder purchased an endorsement for wind driven rain to be covered.  

When you mentioned that "rain blew water through the outside bricks", that sounds more like a maintenance issue to me that your condo association should look into fixing asap.  Your best bet, in my opinion, is to close this claim with your insurance company and focus on getting estimates for the repairs.  Then reach out to your condo association regarding those estimates.  They may pay for your loss as it is likely their fault for not properly maintaining the outside of your condo unit.  If they don't pay for your damages, you can hire an attorney.

I doubt your insurance company will pay for this loss, however if they do, they will likely subrogate against your condo association.  Either way, whether the insurance company pays for the loss or not, based on the facts that you've shared with me, I feel that the blame should rest on the shoulders of the condo association.  

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