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I had a large loss water damage claim with USAA 11/26/2014. I am having a very difficult time with trying to find replacement values for my furniture and personal belongings. Many if the companies are no longer in business, do not produce the same products or the same quality. I have tried contacting individuals to make appraisals but have not been very successful. Furniture stores do not want to do that either. You only have one year to do all the research and spend
ACV in order to also receive the depreciation or holdback amount. Do you know anyone I can contact to assist me in placing realistic replacement values on my personal belongings. It does not appear to me that the adjuster know anything about furniture. She placed very high values on some items and yet placed minimal values on others, i.e. 1962 White Furniture Co. Italian style bedroom suite and Ethan Allen 1984 bedroom suite and secretary. Several items were broken or misplaced by First Team that removed all the clothing and textiles from home. One item was a 1923 Bye-Lo Baby with brown eyes. They continue to deny or accept responsibility and the adjuster has no comment and she hired this company. This is truly overwhelming and I haven't even started with the dwelling and trying to get all those item estimates to actually reflect what was there. This house has been completely gutted. Any advise or referral will be appreciated. The house is located in Columbus, GA. To complicate matters, I am living with my disable son in PA and the insurance company does not pay for this. They only pay for temporary housing in Columbus, GA.

Please contact me with "private" marked through this site so I can give you my phone number. Or try to email me privately with your information.  I can offer some guidance. dede1096 at yahoo.  If my email doesn't show up in here, please re-send me a question with private marked.

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Please mark PRIVATE on your question in case I need to email you my personal contact information or a referral! I am a Public Adjuster who specializes in personal property/content claims. I can answer all questions related to personal property coverage and assist with questions about inventory lists and the valuation or pricing of the list. I assist homeowners, other Public Adjusters, and Attorney's for the insured with the proper preparation, development and valuation of their inventory. I can offer consultations and tools to assist the homeowner with learning how to prepare their own inventory list as well as review of inventories prior to submission. Please, I can not help with auto or dwelling questions.


Since 2004 I have been a licensed public adjuster advocating for the policyholder. I chose this path due to my own experience in losing my home to a fire. I specialize in total losses and complete preparation of inventory lists for submission to my client's insurance carrier. I can only adjust in the states I am licensed, North and South Carolina. However, I can assist with inventory and valuation preparation in ALL states.

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