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Hi. I live in Connecticut. We have had a leak in the upstairs bathroom coming through the light/exhaust fan. It was so called fixed once but not correctly. Now the ceiling has seperated from the light and there is a gap and obvious mold. And the leak has moved to where it leaks in the upstairs bedroom going down the walls and also the downstairs bathroom. And now recently yesterday the downstairs hallway and living room.  We consulted our insurance company and was told its something they could cover but upon renewal be dropped. Do you have any suggestions. Thank you.


I'm sorry to hear that you have a leak in the upstairs bathroom coming through the light/exhaust fan.

If you haven't already done so, take lots of pictures, form a timeline, gather all repair receipts, etc...

Was the original leak repaired by a reputable plumber that is licensed and carries liability insurance?  If yes, why not reach out to the original plumber and have them fix the problem and ask them to pay for the resulting damage?  If they're insured, either the plumber or you can open up a claim with their policy.  If the plumber isn't helpful in providing you with the contact information for his insurance company, then I'd suggest that you get in touch with an attorney.

I'd suggest holding off on filing a claim on your personal homeowners policy for now and wait to see if the plumber's insurance company will pay for the damages.  

If the plumber was not insured, then they should still pay for the damages (out of their pocket).  I'm sure an attorney or public adjuster in Connecticut can assist you further if that's the case.  Those are the only two entities that can represent you and possibly assist you further.

Keep me posted!

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