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Hello Mr. Zimmerman
My condo unit in south florida flooded and I called my insurance and they came out and did the drying out process (4 days) with the big fans and dehumidifiers and removed my baseboards and cut holes in my drywall. First I was told it was a unit owner 2 floors above me who also flooded out my neighbor directly above me. Then I was told that it was a pipe busrt and that it was in fact, the association's fault.
Here is my problem. The 2 units above me that flooded carried NO insurance. The association has paid for their entire dry in and all of the drywall replacement for the 2 units above me that DID NOT have insurance, but are giving me a hard time about refunding my deductible for the expense of the dry in which my insurance covered when the association should have paid. I feel I am being punished for having insurance!!!. I am out my deductible and they, the association did NOT pay for a damage that they were responsible for when my neighbros paid NOTHING out of pocket at all, and had their homes dried out and  put back together.  
I have a very high deductible and my insurance company will pay for the damage in excess of the drywall that was caused by the flood but the management company refuses to reimburse me the cost of the dry in. PLEASE help me. I think they should cover all of the expenses, as they did my neighbors by returning the money that I should never have had to spend for the dry in (AND APPLIED MY ENTIRE DEDUCTIBLE TO THE CLAIM !!!!) because of an association responsibility!!!! Am I making sense?

Hello Alica,
First I am sorry you are going through this. Now lets see. Just to give you a little background, I just went thru a similar problem. I live in a Condo, and upstairs the water heater burst damaging my  cabinets and base boards and walls in my kitchen, dining room and second bedroom. With out going into details I did not get my deductible back and really did not get enough to cover my claim. Here is what I recommend. If your company is finished subrogating your claim, I suggest you get a public adjuster. It will cost you nothing, and if they get you additional money they get their fee from that. If you tell me what part of Florida you live in I would recommend someone for you to call and talk to. They will be your only option. It could work and get you a nice chunk of change to cover what you have not recovered, and if they do not recover anything for you, they do not get a fee. Let me know and good luck.


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