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Jay, Back on July 2nd you responded back to my question in regards to Registration Plates. Another question has been asked of us, that we need your expert opinion.
If we are primary for a non-owned auto because the insured (the permissive user) is in the auto repair business. Then why do they need CA 2027 Registration Plates Not Issued for A Specific Auto? There are some states that require transporter plates (IL).
Appreciate your input on this.

Hi Shirley,

Your question is a very good one and one I would have asked as well.

The CA 00 01 Other Insurance condition makes the non-owned coverage excess over any other collectable insurance.  While ultimately the coverage may become primary, there is investigative time that could delay the payment of a claim.  The CA 20 27 eliminates that condition by making the BAC primary for any auto with a transporter plate on it.  

There is one other reason that we just can't argue with.  That's the rule in the CLM that says there is a charge for transporter plates. Because the transporter plate is registered to the insured, they have to show proof of coverage.  As a result, the CLM has a rule that imposes a premium charge for those plates.  

It's probably not the best answer in the world, but it is what it is.  I always hated it when my parents used the "because I said so" words when I asked why.  This is one of those times!


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