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QUESTION: I own a condo in Florida. A unit in my building is infested with mold, due to a roof leak. The owner of the unit believes that the management company was negligent in dealing with the issue. The management company won't reveal the name of its insurer. Is there a way to obtain that information, without the cooperation of the management company?

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ANSWER: There is no way to actually look up their insurance company that I am aware of.  However, once the pressure is on them they will almost always respond appropriately.  Depending on how the association is set up, they will be responsible for some of the damages even if they were not negligent.  With a bit more information I may be able to assist with drafting a simple letter for the unit owner.  Please feel free to call my office or have the owner contact me directly to discuss it further, my office number is 561-768-7880.

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Greg Roover

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QUESTION: Thank you for being so helpful.

I will definitely pass this on to the owner, who is overwhelmed and distraught. She has two children in college, works fifty-hour weeks and doesn't have money to spare for lawyers. Meanwhile, she has to rent an apartment, because her condo isn't fit for human habitation. On top of all that, the Board and the management company are stonewalling her.

Herb Cooper

Do you know if she has her own insurance as well?  If so, we may be able to assist her and everything that we do is on contingency so she would not have to pay out of pocket for any of our services.  Regardless, I am happy to help her in any possible way I can even if it is just to answer questions and point her in the right direction.  Please have her give me a call, I will help her one way or another.

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