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Hello, I own my home..a brick duplex in the state of Virginia. It's currently valued at $170,000-$175,000. The adjoining home is brick and valued at $185,000-$190,000. The duplex next to mine is also brick and appraised the same as mine..$170,000-$175,000. Also, my deductible is 1% for all losses.

I'm 61, single, no pets and no kids. My homeowners insurance is with State Farm and I've never used it and don't plan to unless I have a large claim. The premium is currently due and State Farm has my Personal Liability coverage at $500,000.

I'm considering lowering my Liability Coverage to $300,000 to save some money.

I'd appreciate your thoughts.

Thanks, John



So sorry to take a few days to get to this.  I have been on vacation...forgot to set my away message!   I think if you look into the cost savings, you will find it is only $10 or $15.  My opinion?   Not worth giving up $200,000 of liability for the cost of a pizza. How about finding out what a higher deductible would save, you? As long as you don't plan to put in small claims, might as well save some money with a high deductible.  Have you called your agent and confirmed you are receiving all available credits? Some credits that are available might include: burglar or fire alarm, age of roof, masonry construction (as opposed to wood frame), non-smoker, combination with auto policy, etc.

As long as you got me, make sure your policy includes coverage for 'Personal Injury' (under the Personal Liability section of the policy),and confirm you have coverage for water that backs up through a sewer or drain.  Hope all is well, again, sorry for taking so long to answer this question.

James R. Berliner

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