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Property & Casualty Insurance/Insurance dispute - Toledo, Ohio


Hooper wrote at 2014-10-04 16:13:14
I am an Ohio Lic. Property & Casualty Specialist & sold Homeowners Insurance -First of all- read your policy -it should outline a limitation in the coverage such as vandalism/theft to make sure you are understanding what you are "hearing". Also- who are you speaking to? Is it the adjuster, your agent, their staff? Many people have the mind set that "we haven't used our policy by making a claim"-but in fact, for insurance companies, homeowner type policies are not a profitable part of the ins. business. For example,you pay 1,200/yr premium-you have a loss of $50,000,or $49,000 after your deductible-It would take 40 yrs worth of premiums to re-coup just one pay out. You can imagine the toll one house fire does-replace home,house occupants for months,all furnishing & clothing,any injury to a person visiting...Hundreds of thousands. Only make claims for things you just cant afford, keep your home in good repair,& your home must be occupied by the owner to be covered under a homeowner policy. If you feel after talking to your agent, & the adjuster,that you still need help-Contact the Ohio Dept of Insurance, they are the regulatory Agcy that can really help. All insurance companies must follow guidelines and treat all their policy holders the same. Take the time to review your policies when your agent asks you to stop in & do so - and make sure you have a company that educates you when you buy & before making decisions. Hope things work out for you.

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