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Have a house in escrow offered $330,000 from the buyer.  Existing dwelling at 1961 sq ft and a Casita added to the back of house and attached with other roof with permits for the extra living area.  We are told that because there is a breeze way and it is not separately metered that the value of the dwelling would not be added to the value of home and even though the casita was 771 sq ft they only gave 41 feet value to the 1961 and appraised it at $282,000..............Is this right??

Thanks for your question.
The reason that they did not consider the Casita as part of the living area of the house is that it did not have direct, inside access from the house. This is a requirement for the appraiser to consider it as part of the house or part of what appraisers call the "gross living area or GLA". If the breeze way was not there and the Casita was directly connected to the house it would be like just going from one room to another and would be considered part of the GLA. They are correct in what they have told you.
As to the valuation, I do not know why they only said it was 41 square feet in size. It should be measured from the outside. You can do this yourself to get the proper size. As to value, sorry, but I can;t tell you what the market value would be as I am not familiar with your market area and have no data to base an opinion upon.

Hope this helps.
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