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I know this isn't exactly your area, but I was hoping you could give me some general ideas.  My boyfriend has been paying a local man to buy a piece of land for the last year. As of now there is no contract.  The man gave us a contract that he had drawn up for a previous potential buyer & told us to swap out the sheet with the name of the purchaser.  All of this seems a little casual to me.  Also, my boyfriend thought the piece of land was 15 acres but the man he's buying it from said it is closer to 12.  Do we have to go through a lawyer to have a new contract drawn up?  If so, what type of lawyer? How do I go about finding one?  Does he need an updated survey?  How do I go about finding a surveyer? The land is in Kentucky.
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Where your money is concerned, there ALWAYS has to be a contract between the parties involved noting the responsibilities of each of the parties. When land is purchased, there should be a legal description and a recording with the Title Company. How do you know that this land has been Recorded in your name??

I would immediately go to a real estate attorney; the phone book or a Google search would be a start to find one. If you have anyone in your circle of friends who knows of an attorney, have them give you the name, if this attorney does not specialize in real estate they can refer you to an attorney who does. You can also go to your bank and ask a Loan Officer if they can recommend an attorney.

You can also find the Surveyor in this manner. The Surveyor will take the Legal Description for the property and survey it to make sure the Description is correct. That way you will know the exact size of the property.

Even more important: how do you know this person is getting a good price for this land? Do you trust them this much? When you have a potential purchase, go to a real estate agent who specializes on land near where you are buying and ask them to let you know prices for nearby land parcels, and what nearby land parcels have sold for. Of course, you should pay them for their time, but your talking about thousands of dollars for a piece of land, so you want to know if you are paying a reasonable price.

Best of luck to you.

John C. Carlson
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