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I am in the process of purchasing a home, however, the appraiser has listed the home as a log cabin when In fact it is not.  It is a frame construction with partial log and partial wood siding, key word siding!  The appraiser has just shot me out of buying this home because the bank won't lend on Log homes, what can I do to set it straight?


I have to fall on my sword on this one. My profuse apologies for not answering this sooner. I can't even say the question went to my Spam folder, because it didn't. I've been involved in a very complex valuation and just missed your post. I hope my answer still helps you.

This is very embarrassing that one of my peers made this mistake. Have you contacted your Bank about this? That would be my first step. Let the Bank know of this mistake and ask the appraiser to correct it. You would need to provide evidence to the Bank that this house has only log siding.

If the appraiser digs their heels in the sand and refuses to change this, even though they are wrong, and the Bank won't help you, your only option to buy the house is to go to a different lender. Of course, that means that you'd have to pay for another appraisal. This time, be ready to show the appraiser that there is only log siding on the house.  

If this appraiser will not correct their mistake, I would at the least file a complaint with the State Agency that oversees appraiser licensing. In California, the Agency is the Bureau of Real Estate Appraisers. If you're mad enough that you lost this house because of this mistake, you could also sue the appraiser. Of course, this costs lots of money to hire an attorney.

Unfortunately, you have uncovered,and have been impacted by one of the results of the appraisal ordering paradigm that went into effect a few years. Most lenders send an e-mail blast out every appraiser in their panel and the one that gets the assignment is the one who hits the "accept" button the fastest. There is also no process by which to contest an improper valuation, or, in your case, a mistake on the appraisers part that caused your lender to decline the loan.

I wish you the very best in getting this resolved. Because I was so late in answering, I would be happy to speak with you if you need additional help. Please call me @ 951-255-6466.

John C. Carlson
CA Certified General Real Estate Appraiser
Victorville and Diamond Bar, CA  

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