Prosthetic Body Parts/sweating problem


momof2 wrote at 2008-10-23 16:58:28
My husband uses a silver sock. It is paper thin

but man what a differance it makes. He works outside a lot and goes to the gym on a regular basis and it takes a lot for the liner to slide and I mean a lot. Unless your liner is too big a silver sock should work ask your provider about ordering one or look on line. Hope that helps.

MICHELLE wrote at 2013-08-16 16:22:38
I had same issue and was recommend a roll on call Certin Dri. Before everyone jumps all over with negative comments about roll ons or other spray anti-perspirant this is applied at night.

It skrinks your pores.  As it does not cure the sweating it does lessen it.  I am a bit overweight and started to exercise and also bowl weekly and this has help so much.  

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