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My 13 year old daughter is an amputee (on her right leg from the calf down).  She got a new liner (Evolution Industries Origin) becuase of her normal manufacturer has a patent issue and isn't currently producing.  She got a new socket and this liner on Tuesday 2/25.  She wore it (a little bit becuase it was uncomfortable) until Friday 2/28 when she developed blisters on the end of her stump.  I thought it was a socket fit issue and had her take it off and it has stayed off except a 15 minute wear on Saturday 3/1.  On Monday 3/3, after more than 24 hours of no wear, her leg started getting red.  By the afternoon, she looked as if her leg (in only the places the liner would hit) had a severe sunburn.  It is warm to the touch and painful.  We saw her prostheticist on 3/4 and she suggested that maybe there was something in the liner and we should let it heal and try it again - if it comes back its likely an allergic reaction to teh liner.  The thing is its not getting better to even try it again and if it doesn't I'm scared this will start again.  The sunburn has turned into a rash - almost like dry skin - and is continuing (3/5) to spread.  It is even cracking open and bleeding in areas.  Advice?

The first thing to address is the care and wear of the Evolution liner. Due to the nature of the liner material it is imperative that the liners are thoroughly washed and cleaned prior to wear. For some users there may be a break-in period for wear (usually over the course of a few days; then continual wear over longer lengths of time).  It is rare for allergic reactions to occur with medical grade silicone. It is usually an additive to the material (i.e. Pigment, oil, etc.).  Creams are available for skin irritation. However, only certain lotions are recommended (check on wear and care handout).  It is critical to uilize the correct lotions.

If sizing is done improperly that could create a overly tight environment within liner which creates friction and heat which increase chances for skin irritation and blistering.  The evolution liners tend start stiffer than the common liners on the market.

With regard to the lawsuit (only pertains to gel liners; silicone liners are not affected by this suit).  That should be settled within the next few months. In the meantime a list for cross-referencing current liners on the do-not-sell list can be found on the web.   Google search ALPS Liner comparison chart. If you cannot locate it the Prosthetist can get that list through the sales rep.

I hope this helps. If there are any additional questions please feel free to contact me again.  God luck.  

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