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My husband lost his leg  last year due to p. A. D disease. He works everyday in his wheel chair but insurance will not cover a prosthetic.  Is there anyone out there that can help? We need a donation we have no money. He will eventually loose the other leg since he has tubes in it. If he looses the other leg I feel he will give up unless he can at least get one prosthetic. Please send e mail if you know of anyone that can help.  Joyce

Does he qualify for state aid (i.e. medicaid?)  If not, there are many companies willing to work with amputees to achieve a better quality of life.  Some may just donate the time and charge for the components.  Some may donate items that are already in excess at their lab.  It will all depend on the individual privately owned companies or big national companies (may have a better chance for donations through a national company).

You can google search companies as well.  Some I can list off the top of my head are: limbs for life, barr foundation, amputee coalition of america.  Also, there have been instances where a church congregation would raise funds and then a prosthetic company would work from the money raised or match what was raised and add the remaining balance.  Ultimately, companies can and should work out a payment plan.  In addition there are companies that make medical loans which can be used to pay for a prosthesis.

Sorry I could not be of more help.  The key is to be persistant but not overbearing.  There are prosthetists out there that can and will work with you and your husband.  GOODLUCK.

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